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23 days more

as i process the necessary documents needed for my travel as well as for my officemates’, everybody was delighted to know that i will be leaving for yokohama to attend an official duty. it was really overwhelming on my part because i just found out that a lot of people believe in my skills (oftentimes, i feel im invinsible to everybody.. hehehe). i can also feel their excitement for my trip especially when i told them that i will be travelling alone. i remember when my mom used to boast me to her friends and to anyone whom she usually meet. if only she’s with me right now, i know she will be most happy for her only darling…. this is one of the moments that i miss with my mom… if she is still alive right now, i can say that her excitement for the trip would be very visible to the extent that she will already prepare the things that i will bring way ahead as if she is the one who’s leaving…..   


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24 days left

another day has come…one more step before i would leave my usual life to face a new chapter. As i walk my way along makati avenue going to the tricycle terminal, I cant help thinking that i will surely miss the busy streets of ayala where i walk everyday to and from the office. I read a blog from my best bud yesterday, i was touched when she said that she will miss all our adventures and the time we spent together…

as i prepare my things right now, i am also preparing myself…. preparing to leave the life i used to live since birth and preparing to face a new life so strange….but whatever the outcome will be, its a chapter that will be a very big part of what i will become in the future….

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25 days to go…

scared… excited… sad…these are what i am feeling right now just thinking that i only have 25 days with my family and friends . I am bound to leave for another Japan in order to fulfill a major task as a secondment staff for one whole year.

Scared because it would be my very first time to live alone. I always travel but in the past but I was not given the chance to live on my own. Eventhough its already the wee hours of the day, I still find myself sleeping on my bed.

Excited because it would be my first to go to Japan. Also, i would be my with my newly-met friends for quite a long time. This would give me the opportunity to bond and have with them. Most improtantly, going there and rendering my service to the CITYNET organization would open the doors for more travel, new people, and a lot of training.

Sad because I will be away from my family and friends for one whole year….shocks…. just thinking about it makes me feel like crying right now.

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