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it has been two months now since i left manila and fly to yokohama…. my first few days in japan has been very challenging yet fun… first, the weather: april should be springtime but as i go to work everyday i need to overcome the cold strong wind and the heavy rain… second, being alone all by myself: i may look independent but being alone here in a strange place gave a new meaning to the word independent since it’s my first time to be really away from home. its like waking up everyday morning without someone to wish for a great day or going to bed without someone to chat how your day was. there is also the fun side of being independent… designing your own pad and deciding what to cook for lunch and dinner… fourth, the beautiful places: there are a lot to see in yokohama and elsewhere in japan.. i fear that i may not have enough time to visit the must sees in the land of the rising sun. fifth, realizing the beauty of home: as i go to different places and meet new friends, at the end of the day you’ll realize that there is no real place like home…


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